From our Founders

As the founders of FUNDSaiQ, we believe we are filling a meaningful gap in the Fund selection market. FUNDSaiQ is a next generation wealth management platform powered by leading edge technology that helps money managers and Wealth Advisors find the best Fund Managers and significantly improve net income by increasing investment return, delivering productivity improvements and  enabling selection, monitoring, ESG filtering and risk management.

We empower the users of the platform by through the use of Big Data analytics from multiple data sources to increase ROI, make better decisions and stream operations. We want to move from black box to glass box with simple and substantiated Fund recommendations based on clear analytics. Our solution reduces manual processes and risk inherent through the use of multiple systems. We want to move from excel based models to the use of modern technology tools like AI and machine learning. We want to put modern technology and methodology in the hands of small, medium and large money managers.

FUNDSaiQ is the only platform for the mutual fund industry going beyond simple data delivery and providing intelligent processing and output.

The global mutual fund industry has historically done an amazing job in creating wealth by providing a cheap exposure to the international financial markets. That said, today there are 50.000 equity mutual funds for sale in Europe with hundreds of funds in every asset class and category. Add to that the complexity of ESG across all the single portfolio holdings across all these funds. Separating skill from luck in this is not easy. Monitoring of portfolio changes, managers moving firms, news flow, monitoring of risk and ESG… There are armies of staff working on fund selection and monitoring often making decisions based on inadequate models. Reducing the chances of finding the medium to long term category winners.

We help money managers identify the best fund managers whether they are active or passive significantly improving the odds of finding the best managers and Funds for your client’s portfolios.

Be active. Be. Passive. Be sure.

FUNDSaiQ stands for Performance, Productivity, and Precision.

The team at FUNDSaiQ has a combined experience of more than 200 years at executive level in leading financing institutions such as Citi, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. We have brought together deep experience from asset and wealth management with leading edge technology development know-how. We are passionate about what we do. In record time, we have created a truly disruptive B2B platform for fund selection and monitoring. Powered by AI and machine learning.

We are very excited about our journey ahead and we have an ambitious roadmap for years to come.


Anders Ramsten


Catherine Weir


Tashfin Shafique


Mizan Rahman


Lila Tarsitano

Peter Tillotson

Tom O’Connor

Adrian Blackwell

Adi Shafir

Our Team & Partners

Our team consist of the best technology and talent in the industry. We have more than 200 years of combined experience from leading positions at the likes of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi etc. managing money and technology development. We are currently partnering with world leading organizations such as Refinitiv, MSCI, Curation Corp and Morning Star for supply of data.

Our Journey